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DEVIL HEART : CHAPITRE 4 (french version)
Nous avions commencé a marché sur le chemin vers la prochaine ville, pendant le trajets nous discutâmes :
-pourquoi je dois porter vos affaires déjà ? Demandai-je à Shaïna.
-parce que vous n’avez sur vous ni argent, ni esprit, ni quoique se soit d’utile, donc il faut bien que vous servait a quelque chose. Réponda-elle.
-ha oui, c’est vrai.
-d’ailleurs, tu n’avais vraiment pas le temps de préparé quoi que ce soit pour ton évasion ?
-pas au début, mais je suis tombé sur un ancien repère de pirate dans laquelle j’avais préparé des provisions et des outils d’orientation.
-et alors, tu la perdu ?
-j’ai les ai oubliés.
-ah… et moi, j’allait faire la même chose, heureusement que tu me l’as fait rappelé.
-Sinon, on va où ?
-on va à Kiaire, la capitale, là où je finirais mon pèle
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DEVIL HEART : CHAPTER 3 (english version)
I began to ask to myself how would be my life now, and i was afraid, i will begin a journey heroic-fantasy and i have nothing of a knight, or a soldier, or magician, or anything of a guy who could survive without his parents, i don't know how to do anything. But i tell myself that's not so bad, i'm not alone, and with chance i will learn how to fight and survive, i hope.
I go out of the infirmary and i start to visit the town. I cross the blacksmith of the town, i enter inside for asking if Shaïna buy her Valkyrie combat equipment :
-hi. i said entering.
-hi. respond an old dog-man beating iron. What can i do for you, kid ?
-i wanna ask you, is this you who supply miss Valkyrie in weapon and equipment ?
-nope kiddo, see, some pactisants who practice weapon fighting arts are already linked to their weapon. I supply just city guards, army soldier, and travelers on weapon, and others with tools.
-thanks, that's all i need to know.
So, pactisants trans
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DEVIL HEART : CHAPTER 2 (english version)
CHAPTER 2 : beginning
I remember now, before i awake in the middle of nowhere, i was bump out by a truck, did  that i am reincarnate, the reality where i belong was a matrice, or i am in a purgatory ? After crossing the forest, if found a road and a take the right direction.
In the road, i watch my feet and notice than i'm most close to the ground. I don't know if it is my transformation or the fact than i have no shoes. In the doubt, i scrape my voice and notice than my voice was more high-pitched, is my body was younger or it's normal ? In all case, i look slimmer, i wanna also check my flexibility, i try to touch the ground with my back and my legs stiff, it work. So, i try to curl up in a ball by the back for standing my head between my feet, it work again. that was great, then i continue my road.
After a great walk, i notice far from here a big wooded house, and little bit forward, a town. I knock the door for see if somebody is inside, no answer. I watch in the window, nobod
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DEVIL HEART : CHAPTER 1 (english version)
I don't know my place in this world, but i've got often, asking myself, the two same answer. I telling myself "you have make your own place" or "you don't have your place, you should die and make places for other people". that depending of my feeling, and of the music i listen, because yes, i'm easily influenced. But why am i asking this to myself right now ? i was sleeping, i dreaming that i was flying in the middle of nothingness and total black, i felled lost, introverted and alone, feelings that i almost always have since that the story of my childhood and my adolescence. I have a little sensation, like my head was upside-down, nothing surprised since i don't know where was the sky and earth. Suddenly i felled my soul burn little by little, but not in the harm way, but like a overload of adrenaline who run inside me. And my body literally burn with a big green fire, and i was feeling like i can blow up the entire universe, or even build a universe, like
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DEVIL HEART : CHAPITRE 3 (french version)
Je commençais a me demandé comment sera ma vie a présent, et j’en avais peur, j’allais commencé un périple d’héroic-fantasy alors que je n’avais rien d’un chevalier, ou d’un soldat, ou d’un magicien ou d’un mec qui pourrait ce débrouiller un minimum sans ces parents, je s’avais rien faire. Mais je me suis dit que se n’étais pas si grave, vu que je ne serais pas seul, et qu’avec un peu de chance, on m’apprendrait à me battre et à survivre, enfin, j’espère.
Je quittai l’infirmerie et Je me mis à visiter la ville. Je tombai sur la forge de la ville, j’ai donc entré à l’intérieur pour demandé si c’était là que shaïna achète son équipement de combat :
-bonjour. Disait-je en entrant.
-bonjour. Répondait un vieux hom
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